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Gift orders always receive special care at We will be happy to wrap your gift and include a gift card with your personal message at no cost.

How to select gift-wrapping option

Once you add your items to your shopping cart, click on your shopping cart and ‘proceed to checkout’ your order. You then need to simply click on ‘ Add gift wrapping option’ situated at the top right hand side of the page.

A pop up form will then appear (please see below):

Personal Message

please be sure to include who the gift is from (unless you would like to keep it anonymous). Also, keep in mind that your message will be written on a small gift card and thus cannot be too long. If you would like to write a longer message, you can always purchase a card from here our wide selection of greeting cards: If you would like to have your gift delivered directly to the recipient, please click on ‘ Add’ situated under ‘Delivery Address’ found on the left hand side of the page.

Fill in all information found on form (please see below), including the mobile number of the recipient (we will call the recipient upon delivery to ensure that he/she is at the address entered in the form – be it home/office, etc).

You then need to click on the drop down found next to the product and select the recipient’s name & surname.

If your order includes items intended for different recipients and you request gift-wrapping option, please be sure to enter a gift message for each item and to select the recipient’s name next to each product. Please note that if you would like to deliver gifts to multiple friends, you will need to start a new shopping cart for each different address. If you need to add or change the gift message for an order you've already placed, please send an email to . This must be done before the order has entered the delivery process. Should you need any further assistance please give us a call on our 24*7 freephone 80074117 and our friendly staff will take you through the process.

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