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Kerry Ellis and Brian May
    St George's Square Valletta  : 05 April 2014 : 20:30 to 21:00 (RECEPTION TO FOLLOW)
Google have just released a new version of Chrome which has changed the configuration of Silverlight and stops our seat selection engine from working. Please look at this link for further information. Our team are working on resolving this problem as soon as possible. If you still have this issue please make use of another browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer until we release a new version of the seat selection system.
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Call 800 74 117 for more info

Parking and Transport Arrangements

Guests are kindly asked to take note of the following parking and transport arrangements that are intended to facilitate logistics for arriving at the concert venue and, thereafter, proceeding to the reception.
  • It is being recommended that guests park their vehicles in the vicinity of Villa Arrigo.

  • From 1845 hours onwards, a shuttle service will be operated from near Villa Arrigo to the Divine Mercy Chapel. A number of temporary Bus Stops that will be clearly signposted with the concert posters will be set up near Villa Arrigo and along Triq San Pawl all the way down to the T’Alla W’Ommu roundabout.

  • After the concert, transport will once again be provided from the Divine Mercy Chapel to Villa Arrigo.